Monday, April 28, 2014

Neutrogena Skin Clearing Blemish Concealer - Review

Finding a good concealer is hard. Sometimes it's too expensive - you don't have that kind of money - or sometimes it's too cheap that it makes you suspicious of its quality. And sometimes it doesn't match your skin tone. And sometimes, it just won't cover up. Another problem you can have is that it just makes your skin worse.

I believe the perfect concealer for me is the Neutrogena Skin Clearing Blemish Concealer with Microclear Technology. It covers up, but it also helps to heal acne. While it doesn't make the acne go away completely, the concealer helps to dry out the pimple and take away the redness so it isn't as noticeable. And I've been using it for almost four months and it's the best concealer!

(sorry about the not as good quality of the pictures, I took these myself, and I'm not as good as my little sister) 

Because of my fair skin, I use the lightest shade: Fair 05. There's only four different shades so it might not be for everybody. If your skin tone can match one of the four though, I recommend you get it. The thing is, there's not a TON of concealer in there. There's a good amount that can last you like four months, but it probably won't last you longer than that. 

I'm glad to have finally gotten a new one because I used up my old one. For the past couple of weeks I've been using this concealer that's not very good for my skin. So my skin is a little worse than usual. It's not bad. In fact, I've gotten the luck of very clear skin. But I have a lot of red on my forehead probably because of the other concealer. 

All in all, I think you should definitely buy this concealer if it matches your skin tone. You can get it at Target for $8.99, and for the same price online here.

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~ Mckenzie <3

Sunday, April 27, 2014

OOTD: Party!!

Well today is Sunday. That means back to school tomorrow. Ugh. And I have Geometry first thing in the morning. Even more ugh. But at least I went to a super fun party today! (Well it wasn't the best day ever but it was still a great time) Most people there were wearing t shirts and jeans, but of course being the fashionista I am I wore a super cute put together outfit. 

I thought this outfit would be cute for a party because it's casual, and still nice looking and stylish. I decided to go with blue and black today. Besides, the color of my tank top is my color. It makes my eyes pop. But if you do ever go to a party, don't wear like short shorts with a crop top. Bad idea. But wearings jeans was a little bit of a mistake, it was so hot outside! And we were outside most of the time because it was cramped inside. There were a lot of us there! 

I really like pairing shades of blue together, because I think it's one of the only colors that you can pair different shades of color together without it looking weird. Different shades of pink and purple looks weird to me, to be honest. 

My little sister took these pictures again. :)

Get this look: 
Darker blue tank top: Aeropostale. I don't know if the style is available anymore, but the tank tops there are $16.50 regular priced, but are usually on sale for lower or two for the price of one. The lighter blue is from American Eagle, (it was less than $10) and this specific style may not be available but you can just use a light blue tank top from anywhere. The jeans are American Eagle, and they are my favorite jeans. I wear them to school all the time and on weekends. They were on sale for $30 dollars when I got them, which is a good price for good jeans! The little black shrug is Charlotte Russe, which was a hand-me-down from my aunt. And the flip flops are black Reef flip flops. The great thing about all these pieces is that they're not specific and you can get something very similar at many places! 

How was your weekend? 

~ Mckenzie <3

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sophisticated Style on the Water

Happy Saturday everyone! I was going to blog about this outfit last night, but at 11:00 pm I was starting to blog it, and I fell asleep! But I wore this adorable, yet very grown up dress last night. Have you know it is not a skirt with a black tank top. 

(again, my lovely little sister took all these pictures for me) 

I got this dress on my birthday about a month ago and have never had the opportunity to wear it. Glad I could wear it now! This is one of the last new things in my wardrobe so I have to go shopping soon! That's going to be a lot of fun :)

The thing I really love about this dress is it's sophistication. It's very grown up, but not inappropriate. One thing, it makes you look older and more grown up. My dad's exact words when he saw it on me: "Oof." Sigh. I'm 14, I can wear more grown up things. 

You can't exactly see the necklace, but it's a chunky black necklace that I got at the same time as the dress. The necklace actually ties the whole outfit together. Without it, the whole outfit kind of goes down in sophistication and looks kind of silly. The earrings I wore (also not pictured, I apologize) are just simple red hoops to go with the red in the skirt. 

This purse right here was a Christmas present a year ago. My aunt bought it for me because I had been wanting a simple black purse I could wear with a lot of outfits. I'm not exactly sure how much it was or where it was from. But it's super cute and comes with a built in wallet. Ladies, make sure you have a black purse!

And I'm sure you noticed the shoes that I wrote about, here. I may wear them a lot, but they go with a lot of outfits. I do need to go shoe shopping. 

My favorite thing about this outfit is that it isn't just a teen outfit. Women in their early twenties could get away with it too. But there will come a point where that dress is just too young for you. 

If anyone were to wear this look I would recommend it for a nice dinner, to a dance, or maybe someone's nice party. 

This next outfit is my little sister's outfit. She says she would take pictures if I would feature her outfit on my blog. The cutest, sweetest thing about it is that she actually tried to coordinate it together just so I would feature it on my blog. Aww. 

She's wearing a lot of blue, whether it's a light blue or a navy blue, but I do like what she did. It's not a very "her" outfit. Normally she likes just t-shirts with shorts and her soft flip flops. The outfit is very well put together. Most of it is from Justice, but the skirt is a hand-me-down from me from Hollister. (it irritates me because I loved that skirt and I had to give it to her) 

But getting back to my outfit. I'm very surprised that my mom even let me get this dress. 

Get the look:
The dress is from Wet Seal, but sadly it is not in stock. You can find a dress in the same style here. The similar dress is $26.90, a very good deal. I got my dress there for about $15! As for the shoes, well you can get them from Macy's here. They were $59, but now they're an even lower price of $44.99 until tomorrow. But since my dad had a Macy's card and gift card, I was able to get the shoes for lower than $44.99 :) The necklace is a chunky black necklace, and the style is a style you can find in a lot of places, but at Wet Seal it was $10. 

Last night was a fun night! After exercising in the gym I had a lovely seafood dinner wearing this sophisticated dress. 

What did you do last night? 

~ Mckenzie <3

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Colors of Paradise

Happy Thursday everyone! Only one more day until the weekend! I might not be posting as much because I have a few projects coming up and some exams. But I promise I will still post! My mom’s going to let me use her camera starting next week, once I buy a separate photo card for my pictures.

I would just like to say that my awesome little sister took these pictures for me. I think she has great potential for being a photographer. And these were taken with the iPhone 4 camera!

(my favorite picture)

Two years ago, I would have never though these colors would work. But I’m older and realize they do. I call them “The Colors of Paradise” because paradise is bright, colorful, and happy, just like these clothes. I really like how they're all different colors, but they somehow work together. The really great thing is that it looks kind of sophisticated and fancy, in a way, but it's still kind of casual. 

Pants: Copperkey, lace shirt: Gianni Bini, tank top: Gap, shoes: Kino's from Key West, sunglasses: Aeropostale, bracelet: Dilliard's, earrings: Claire's

The one thing that's awesome about this orange is that it's more of a coral color, and it doesn't clash with my red hair. Normally, if I wear bright orange, it looks bad. And the turquoise is like, my color. It really makes my blue green eyes POP!  

I think I'm getting a little better at modeling clothes, but I definitely need some practice. But this is only the second outfit I've modeled, so in time, I'll get good at it. 

One thing: I've had almost everything I'm wearing since last summer, so don't expect to find it anywhere because you probably won't, just a warning. Yes, I know I have to go buy some new clothes. I'll probably do that this weekend. 

What kind of outfit did you wear today? 

~ Mckenzie <3

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Natural Look

I know lots of women and teen girls like to pretend that they don't wear make up, but truth is, while not every single woman and teen wears it, a lot do. But in order to make it seem like they're not, they do a very natural look. I, admittedly, wear make up everyday. My skin is fair, so even though my eyelashes are the envy of many girls, you can only see half of them! Also, my face tends to be a little red when I wake up and usually doesn't go away for a few hours. 

This may look like a lot of make up, but it really isn't. Besides, you should never wear a lot of make up, especially when you're a teenager. It makes you break out and clogs your pores. Make sure to wash it all off when you get home. And make up wasn't designed to cover up, it was meant to enhance. 

First, to start off, the foundation. I don't wear actual foundation because I'm not super skilled at putting it on. I haven't been wearing make up for long. I use this Neutrogena SkinClearing Blemish Concealer. It may cover up, but it actually helps to clear and heal your skin and doesn't make you break out. I also use it to cover up the bags and dark shadows under my eyes. The Covergirl powder is just to set the concealer so it doesn't smudge or wipe off. 

After I put on the concealer and powder I will SOMETIMES - not always - I put on this Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot (shade Let's Skate). It's also used as a base for regular eye shadow, but it can be used by itself. I don't always use it but I will use it for pictures, or nicer occasions. Sometimes I wear just because I feel like it. 

Then there's the Mac Mineral Eyeshadow. I don't use all shades, I just use the silver shade. I put it in my tear ducts to make my eyes more awake. I get up at 6:00 am for school everyday, and I want my eyes to look bigger and more awake. 

Mascara is the last of the eye make up I apply. I will only put on two coats so that it still looks natural. This mascara is very natural my eyelashes look very natural. (Except for the fact that I'm a redhead) 

Last, but not least, is my lipgloss. Smashbox is one of my favorite lip gloss companies. I only use lip gloss because I prefer to more emphasize my blue eyes and long lashes rather than my spaced out, crooked, still growing in teeth. Besides, it would be too much if I wore lipstick. I only wear lipstick if I don't emphasize my eyes or if my eyes are more emphasized than normal. 

All that is just the make up I wear everyday. Not everyday, but to school, to the mall, out to a more casual dinner, hanging out with friends. But obviously on nicer occasions I will go a little more out. 

Links to the products: 

What kind of make up do you wear everyday?

~ Mckenzie <3

Sunday, April 20, 2014

OOTD: Easter Sunday

Today is Easter Sunday. I would say things about how He has risen but I’m not a very religious person, sorry. But what’s that one thing you always get every year for Easter? (fashion wise) An Easter dress, or outfit.

For Easter, I went to my step-grandma’s house for Easter with my mom, stepdad, nana, papa, aunt, and sister. Not all in one car, but that’s who all came along with my step-great-grandma. The dress I wore was, well I couldn’t say floral, but I can’t say paisley either. It’s kind of a mix, but more paisley. What do you all think?

(Dress from Aeropostale, jacket from Aeropostale, shoes from Macy's, purse from Zara, and (not shown) earrings from Claire's.)

Sorry I'm not really experienced with the whole modeling clothes thing. I'll have to do more research and learn how to do it better before my next post. 

I thought this would be a good dress for Easter because it’s very colorful, and the colors are sort of pastel colors, which is very springy. Not springy as in bouncy but more like – well you know what I mean, right? I decided to pair it with the denim jacket because the dress itself is very girly, and I’m not big on making my whole outfit all girly. The jacket adds a little bit of tomboy, but it’s a very girly cut. It makes the perfect combination. I don’t think the dress would have worked with a cardigan.

Now the shoes. Ah, the shoes. You can read all about those wonderful shoes on my last post. I love these shoes okay? Okay. (The Fault in our Stars reference oh my gosh) I think these shoes are absolutely great! They go with the outfit nice. It makes it more grownup, because I think if I had worn flats or sandals it would’ve been a little too young.

The purse is my favorite purse. I use this purse ALL THE TIME! Except when I wear brown, because black and brown is just no. It’s from Zara, and I got it for my birthday last year and it’s been quite a great purse. It may not be big, but when you’re fourteen, what more do you need than your wallet, phone, house key and lip gloss?

I got so many compliments on this outfit from my family, saying how cute and grown up I look. (It may be my family, but hey, compliments!)

Easter today was a lot of fun! Especially with a cute outfit. What did you do for Easter, and what did you wear?

~ Mckenzie <3

Friday, April 18, 2014

Black Heels: An Absolute Necessity

A few weeks ago, for my birthday, my dad bought me these super cute and inexpensive shoes from Macy’s! The brand is Style and Co. and the shoes themselves were only $59.99! My dad didn’t know what to get me for my birthday, so he took me to the mall and took me shopping. I tried on quite a few pairs of shoes, but these shoes were really the only pair I actually liked enough to buy.   

These shoes are my new favorite shoes, oh my gosh. If only I had more opportunities to wear them, but I don’t go to fancy restaurants all the time and I don’t want to wear them to school everyday. I have only worn them twice; out in public at least. Sometimes I wear them around my house because they make me three inches taller, and it makes me the height I want to be when I stop growing.

The thing I really like about these shoes is the amount of outfits I could wear them with. I have quite a few dresses to wear them with, my black pants and a nice shirt. Also, they aren’t just specific to one occasion. I could wear them to a wedding, my school dance, graduation, even just a night out to dinner.   


These are some of the outfits I would wear these shoes with. The first dress is part of the Pretty Little Liars collection by Aeropostale, the second dress is from Wet Seal, and the third outfit is what I wore for pictures. It's just a sheer shirt from American Eagle with black pants. (please excuse bad quality of pictures, all I have to work with is an iPhone 4 camera)

I actually wore them for pictures today to make me taller! Guess who got a ton of compliments? (let me give you a hint – it’s me) Even a guy complimented them, which I admittedly am still laughing about. 

In my opinion, I think having a pair of black heels is something every woman or teen girl should own. Unless you're really tall, like 6 ft, I would recommend keeping to flat shoes. But these shoes I feel are a necessity.

Is there one item in your closet that's not exactly a staple item, but you feel like it's a necessity? 

~ Mckenzie <3