Monday, April 14, 2014

My New Nails

Yesterday I painted my nails again. I try to paint them on a regular basis so they don't look bad and ugly. I would have blogged about this yesterday, but I didn't have time. Here they are right now.


I used a nail polish I got last Christmas from American Eagle. I'm not sure if it's available anymore, but I really love this color scheme. Not exactly my colors - I'm more of a green and blue person - but I still think it's really pretty.

I started out by putting a pale pinkish purplish color, I'm not sure exactly what the color is. After I let that dry I tested out all the other nail polishes with it to see how well it went together. The one on the bottom right went with it the best. It added sparkle and gold to it, which made them look better and not as dull! 

In the light now, they look a little white, with a hint of gold, and I really like how it looks. 

Now a good color to wear with these is obviously gold, but I really like green and blue with it. But don't go for purple or pink. While I think nails should match your outfit sometime, I like the contrast green and blue have with the nails. A green like this shirt I'm wearing right now. 

(yes that's me, by the way)

I literally took this picture halfway through writing this. But what do you think of the new nails? What color would you wear with them? 

~ Mckenzie <3

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