Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sophisticated Style on the Water

Happy Saturday everyone! I was going to blog about this outfit last night, but at 11:00 pm I was starting to blog it, and I fell asleep! But I wore this adorable, yet very grown up dress last night. Have you know it is not a skirt with a black tank top. 

(again, my lovely little sister took all these pictures for me) 

I got this dress on my birthday about a month ago and have never had the opportunity to wear it. Glad I could wear it now! This is one of the last new things in my wardrobe so I have to go shopping soon! That's going to be a lot of fun :)

The thing I really love about this dress is it's sophistication. It's very grown up, but not inappropriate. One thing, it makes you look older and more grown up. My dad's exact words when he saw it on me: "Oof." Sigh. I'm 14, I can wear more grown up things. 

You can't exactly see the necklace, but it's a chunky black necklace that I got at the same time as the dress. The necklace actually ties the whole outfit together. Without it, the whole outfit kind of goes down in sophistication and looks kind of silly. The earrings I wore (also not pictured, I apologize) are just simple red hoops to go with the red in the skirt. 

This purse right here was a Christmas present a year ago. My aunt bought it for me because I had been wanting a simple black purse I could wear with a lot of outfits. I'm not exactly sure how much it was or where it was from. But it's super cute and comes with a built in wallet. Ladies, make sure you have a black purse!

And I'm sure you noticed the shoes that I wrote about, here. I may wear them a lot, but they go with a lot of outfits. I do need to go shoe shopping. 

My favorite thing about this outfit is that it isn't just a teen outfit. Women in their early twenties could get away with it too. But there will come a point where that dress is just too young for you. 

If anyone were to wear this look I would recommend it for a nice dinner, to a dance, or maybe someone's nice party. 

This next outfit is my little sister's outfit. She says she would take pictures if I would feature her outfit on my blog. The cutest, sweetest thing about it is that she actually tried to coordinate it together just so I would feature it on my blog. Aww. 

She's wearing a lot of blue, whether it's a light blue or a navy blue, but I do like what she did. It's not a very "her" outfit. Normally she likes just t-shirts with shorts and her soft flip flops. The outfit is very well put together. Most of it is from Justice, but the skirt is a hand-me-down from me from Hollister. (it irritates me because I loved that skirt and I had to give it to her) 

But getting back to my outfit. I'm very surprised that my mom even let me get this dress. 

Get the look:
The dress is from Wet Seal, but sadly it is not in stock. You can find a dress in the same style here. The similar dress is $26.90, a very good deal. I got my dress there for about $15! As for the shoes, well you can get them from Macy's here. They were $59, but now they're an even lower price of $44.99 until tomorrow. But since my dad had a Macy's card and gift card, I was able to get the shoes for lower than $44.99 :) The necklace is a chunky black necklace, and the style is a style you can find in a lot of places, but at Wet Seal it was $10. 

Last night was a fun night! After exercising in the gym I had a lovely seafood dinner wearing this sophisticated dress. 

What did you do last night? 

~ Mckenzie <3


  1. Very cute outfit! Last night I was lazy and did absolutely nothing :) haha!

    1. Thank you Allison! And that's normally what I do on weekend nights!

  2. You look so much older...stunning dress!!

  3. Love this post! You look fantastic! Thank you for the lovely post on my blog, yes lets follow each other via GFC! I am now following you # 10!! Your turn!


    1. Thank you Teresa, and you're welcome! Going to follow you right now! :)

  4. I love your skirt and your hair color is beautiful!


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