Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Colors of Paradise

Happy Thursday everyone! Only one more day until the weekend! I might not be posting as much because I have a few projects coming up and some exams. But I promise I will still post! My mom’s going to let me use her camera starting next week, once I buy a separate photo card for my pictures.

I would just like to say that my awesome little sister took these pictures for me. I think she has great potential for being a photographer. And these were taken with the iPhone 4 camera!

(my favorite picture)

Two years ago, I would have never though these colors would work. But I’m older and realize they do. I call them “The Colors of Paradise” because paradise is bright, colorful, and happy, just like these clothes. I really like how they're all different colors, but they somehow work together. The really great thing is that it looks kind of sophisticated and fancy, in a way, but it's still kind of casual. 

Pants: Copperkey, lace shirt: Gianni Bini, tank top: Gap, shoes: Kino's from Key West, sunglasses: Aeropostale, bracelet: Dilliard's, earrings: Claire's

The one thing that's awesome about this orange is that it's more of a coral color, and it doesn't clash with my red hair. Normally, if I wear bright orange, it looks bad. And the turquoise is like, my color. It really makes my blue green eyes POP!  

I think I'm getting a little better at modeling clothes, but I definitely need some practice. But this is only the second outfit I've modeled, so in time, I'll get good at it. 

One thing: I've had almost everything I'm wearing since last summer, so don't expect to find it anywhere because you probably won't, just a warning. Yes, I know I have to go buy some new clothes. I'll probably do that this weekend. 

What kind of outfit did you wear today? 

~ Mckenzie <3


  1. LOVE your bright colors! They look fantastic with your hair color!

  2. So cute loving all the colors and your earrings are gorgeous!

    <3 Shannon


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