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Top Ten Must Have Items for the Summer


We've finally reached that time of year. Summertime! If you're a teen like me, you're probably on summer break. And there's a lot of sales going on everywhere, and it's time to buy the hot in season collections! But what do I need for the summer? This post is here to tell you exactly what you need for a great summer! And this isn't just for teens, this is for adults too! 

1.       Lots of pairs of shorts
It’s summer, and let’s face it, it’s hot. Pants are too hot, capris are too hot, everything is too hot to wear! But shorts were designed for the hot weather. You can find shorts basically everywhere, and they’re super cute! But please find shorts that covers up your butt because that is not attractive. I’ve been to American Eagle recently though, and they have a TON of shorts! There’s midi style and high-waisted shorts in all different colors for only $30! You can even get a second pair for only $10 extra. I bought a pair of super cute black shorts there the other day. Or you could check out Aeropostale, which has a large selection too. My favorite denim shorts are from there, as are my khaki ones! I recently bought some colorful high waisted shorts from there, too. When I got them there, they were literally 20 bucks! But you can get shorts at Gap, Old Navy, Target, but I think the best are from Aeropostale and American Eagle, if you want to be sensible.

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2.       Tanks tops and more tank tops
Tank tops are also designed to keep you cool, because they can be loose and flowy and breathe well. As shorts can, tank tops can literally be found anywhere. Aeropostale is a great place to get camis, there’s a HUGE selection of them there! And sometimes you can get two for 17 dollars, for they go on sale to like 8 dollars! It’s fantastic! But if you want to buy fashion tanks, go to Ross, Marshalls or TJ Maxx because they have the best sales and deals! Or you can hunt the sales rack at Macy’s. I’ve found many well priced tank tops there!

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3.       A cute beach bag
Since it’s summer, one can assume you’ll be going to the beach or the pool a lot, and why not bring all your stuff in an adorable beach bag? You don’t want some ratty old bag that’s all beat up, that will look bad. But never get anything white, that’s a bad idea! My current beach bag is from Roxy, but I desperately need to buy a new one! Buy a black beach bag, it won’t get as dirty looking from all the sand.

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4.       Flip flops or sandals, or both
Flip flops are basically all I wear in the summer, unless I’m going out. Why would you wear sneakers or heels to the beach? Not a good idea. Same at the pool. Besides, it’s okay for certain flip flops to get wet, like Reefs or Havainas, which are made in Brazil. I highly suggest investing in a pair of Reefs, they are long lasting and can get wet or sandy and still be in good condition. This is my third summer with my Reefs, I think. I’m getting a new pair soon.

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5.       Bathing suits
You obviously cannot go swimming or tan without a swimsuit! Make sure to get a cute one though, that isn’t too showy and doesn’t have anything reflective on it. Reflective jewelry can attract barracudas and other fish, so stay away from swimsuits with metal or silver on it. I suggest getting a bandeau, because it fits snugly around and you don’t have to worry about it as much as the two triangles, although my bathing suits are halter top bathing suits. And as for the bottoms, I suggest like snug boy shorts or hipsters that don’t require string tied around the hips to keep them on, in case they come undone. And don’t worry about a bathing suit being a little tight, it loosens up in water. And you don’t need to spend a fortune on them at Hollister, Victoria’s Secret or any of the other normal teen stores, just go to Old Navy or Target where they have whole racks of swimwear everywhere! That’s wear my swimsuits are from. And they’ve held together well. I am in need of another one, so I’ll probably buy a new one soon.

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6.       Some cool shades
I hope you know that by shades, I mean sunglasses. It gets very bright in the summer, so sunglasses are a must! You can use them to block the sun while laying down on your back or just sitting in the pool. And you don’t have to spend a fortune on them either. Just go to Target and buy some. I do have a pair from Aeropostale that were like ten dollars. Don’t go and waste your money on some hundred dollar Coach sunglasses, it’s not worth it. You might lose your sunglasses anyway.

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7.       A summer dress…or two…or three
Summer dresses are exactly what you need! You need something knee length that is loose and cool. They’re perfect for maybe nicer occasions or just if you want to look nicer. The best style of summer dresses are usually halter top, and are loose from the waist down. A tight dress will not keep you cool as well as a loose dress. TJ Maxx is a great place to get dresses! You might have a better selection at other stores, but at TJ Maxx the dress are very inexpensive. I got one there for literally 15 dollars, no kidding.

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8.       A fabulous floppy hat
It’s going to be hot outside, and the sun’s UV rays are harmful and dangerous to the human skin, especially if you have the fair and sensitive skin I do. I get burned after pretty much an hour without sunscreen. But a hat prevents major burning to the face, which is where I usually get burnt the worst. A large floppy hat will honestly look ridiculous, but it’s better than damaging your beautiful skin. Get a simple one that will match all your swimsuits, like a black or a white one. Mine is a straw like material with teal, but it’s old. (I am aware that I need to go shopping, just so you know)

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9.       That cool, lightweight sweater
Believe it or not, it can still get a little chilly during the summer. So you want to cover up your arms, but a jacket will be too much. But if you get a cute white sweater, it will most likely cover you up and keep you warm, but not make you hot. Make sure it’s cotton, and not wool, because wool is VERY hot. White sweaters are very easy to find, but the right one is easy to find. You could get another color, but just make sure it’s cool and lightweight.

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10.   A cute little cover up
Ah, finally we reach the last item on our list. The cute cover up. When you go places you don’t just wear your bathing suit everywhere. Actually where I live that’s kind of a cultural normal, but in other places. But you need something cute and light that you aren’t afraid to get wet. And just like many of the other items on the list, you can get this at Target.

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        As you can tell by this list, Target or Old Navy are kind of your best friend, as is Aeropostale. But you need these items if you plan on enjoying a summer at the beach or pool. May I also recommend sunscreen, goggles, and wearing no make up. Have a great summer!
One more thing. I am in the process of creating a new name, and once I get it, there will be a new url, new design and I’ll create the social media accounts to go with the blog! I’ll make an announcement about it when it happens! And I want to apologize for being off so long. I simply haven’t had anything to write about, but I thought this would be a fun post to do! Have a great day everyone!
~ Mckenzie
(just a quick thing - none of these pictures are mine, they're from the internet. I wasn't able to take pictures for this post)


  1. Love summer time! All of these are definitely the perfect essentials, especially for Florida!

    <3 Shannon

  2. Awesome collection of must haves! I really agree with you on these, especially summer dresses! And those sales with the shorts are really great! I'll check them out right now. Thank you so much!


  3. I really enjoyed this post. I wish I would live near a beach.


  4. Perfect summer items! You picked some lovely ones<3

  5. Great picks girl! Love the flower dress it's so beautiful.
    Happy Monday sweetie

  6. amazing post summer and enjoy summer..............
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  7. Great post! I love that straw hat!! Too bad it's sold out~Just found your blog and really love it! Would you like to follow each other on GFC, facebook and bloglovin to stay in touch? Let me know, thanks!


  8. Amazing items! =)
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  12. I completely agree, summer is made by all the items you posted. Such great ideas, thanks for sharing! ;)

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

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  14. I love beach bags! Have you ever looked up sea bags? They are made of old sails and are kind of pricey but I love them because they are so durable! I spend most of my money on bags, so I just use a huge T-Shirt as my coverup. If I see anyone I know I throw it off because it isn't the most fashionable haha.

  15. Hi Mckenzie, nice to meet you! You have brilliantly outlined Summer staples :-) your blog is lovely, I'm following you via Gfc and Bloglovin and hope you'll return the love!
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