Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Weekly Wednesday Essentials: Camis of all Colors

Happy Wednesday everyone! I will be continuing the Weekly Wednesday Essentials that I last posted about a month or so ago. This week’s staple item will be the cami tank top, of all different colors. I get most of my camis from Aeropostale, but I do have a couple of others from Target and Forever 21.

Some of my favorite Aeropostale camis

While having cami tank tops of all colors are fun, I believe some of the most important colors would have to be white, black, navy, grey and brown. I don’t actually happen to own brown (I guess I better go buy one!) and I left my grey at my dad’s house, so all I have is black, navy and white.

 Black (here)

 White (here)

Navy (here)

I think some other fun things about camis is layering them, whether it’s layering two different color camis, layering them under lace shirts, or wearing them with cardigans. My personal favorite way would have to be layering two different color camis together. Below are some examples of the different kinds of layering I described.

  Tank tops/Aeropostale, Shorts/American Eagle

 Yellow green/Forever 21, Green/Aeropostale

Lace/Marshalls, Mint Green/Aeropostale

White/Aeropostale, Cardigan/Aeropostale

Now if you want to buy camis, you can get them anywhere, which is the awesome thing about them. As I mentioned before, I mostly get them from Aeropostale. Right now they just happen to be on sale! But there are a lot at Target too, for very low prices, and you can get them at Forever 21 for 4 dollars each. There’s really no need to spend much money on cami tank tops, so make sure you get a good deal. But if you look at the clearance racks at Macy’s too, there are a ton of camis that are probably four dollars on the racks.

How many camis do you have in your closet?

Mckenzie xx

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Red, White, and Blue

Hello everyone! I meant to post about this on the Fourth of July, but I never did, and I feel bad about it. I've had things going on, and haven't gotten around to posting, I apologize. But I would like to share with you what was my Fourth of July outfit. 

As of now, these shorts and the crop top aren't very available, but they are on clearance in Aeropostale, so they're very cheap at the moment! But I picked up the red high waisted shorts on a shopping trip a few months ago, because I needed shorts. I also have a pair of the same exact shorts in teal. The polka dot top was originally intended for an outfit to go with the teal shorts, but on the morning of the Fourth of July, I looked at it and thought it would go well with the red shorts, and I think it was the best patriotic outfit! 

Shorts - Aeropostale, White Tank Top - Charlotte Russe, Polka Dot Crop Top - Aeropostale, Shoes - Kinos, Earrings - Claire's

The shorts were a cheaper price, because I got a lower price for buying two, and Aeropostale was having a 40% off sale! The white tank top is a staple item of mine I picked up off the clearance rack at Charlotte Russe one day at the mall. (this is why I love clearance racks) And my shoes are Kino's, where I get in Key West. I get a new pair every year when I go there. They're only 15 dollars, and go with so much! If you go to Key West, definitely stop by and pick up a pair, or two. 

Have a fantastic day everyone! 

- Mckenzie xx