Saturday, August 16, 2014

Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 Haul

Recently, I decided to go look at a couple of stores online when I found some gift cards. Well that turned into a full blown online order, so about a week ago I ordered over 100 dollars worth of clothes, and I thought I would share the full haul with you. Obviously I got everything from either Charlotte Russe or Forever 21.

There's four skirts, three pairs of shoes, a sweater, five tank tops, a crop top, a necklace and bracelets! 

Chic Statement Bangle Set from Forever 21

I wanted to buy some bangles, and these caught my eye, because they are turquoise and mint, and I wear colors that go well with those colors a lot! On the site, the light colored one looks light blue, but it's actually a mint color. They are super pretty and I know I will get great use out of them! They are a little big for me, but bangles are supposed to be like that. 

I saw this necklace on the site, and immediately fell in love with it. Necklaces with a lot of different strings of beads are some of my favorite necklaces, because they make such a huge statement in an outfit! It's a little heavier than I thought it would be, but it looked exactly like it did in the picture on the site! 

Pocket Skater Skirt from Forever 21

For awhile, I have been wanting a black skirt, because they are very versatile and will go with a lot of different shirts and shoes and things of that skirt. I really liked this one on the Forever 21 site, and I'm glad I bought it. It is so soft and comfortable. Also, when you buy it, I recommend you get a size larger than you normally are, because it fits better that way. I'm hoping to get a lot of use out of this skirt, though. 

Lace Back Linen Cardigan from Forever 21

While wanting that black skirt, I also wanted a white cardigan, because I think it is also very versatile. I was searching all around for a light weight white cardigan, and I just had to get this one when I saw it. I especially love the detailing on the back! That's what really got me about it! Just make sure to get a size smaller than you normally are, or two if you want it to be fitting. I got an x-small and it's still a little big! I like that though, it's comfy. 

Favorite V Neck Cami from Forever 21

I have a couple of camis from Forever 21 just like these. But I was searching the site and saw that the deal was two dollar camis! I couldn't pass. I got these beautiful colors, and the nude one. I had been wanting a coral color for awhile, so I was glad to finally get it! (it's more coral in person) Next time I go to Forever 21 I will definitely have to get more colors! 

Let me just say that this isn't a crop top for me. And I ordered what I thought was white, but it was more of a creme color, but the website did say ivory. It just looked like white on the website. And it's a little big, so maybe go a size down if you're going to get this shirt. But it's super soft and I love the lace detailing in the back! Make sure to layer a tank top under it though, it's see through. 

Chevron Print Bodycon Mini Skirt from Charlotte Russe (similar here)

I thought I'd just get a chevron print skirt, because it's so timeless! It's actually black and white, not navy, in case you though t it was. But it's super cute and flattering, and long enough for me to wear to school, another plus. The one I actually bought just got removed from the site, and the one I'm linking to you to is actually ivory and black, not black and white. 

Striped Bodycon Mini Skirt from Charlotte Russe

I just wanted this skirt because I love the pattern and it's super cute. Also very flattering and a good length. 

Floral Print Bodycon Mini Skirt from Charlotte Russe

I just love the bodycon skirts! Super cute patterns, soft, flattering and a good length! 

Gold Plate T-Strap Thong Sandals from Charlotte Russe

These just sold out, so I'm sorry I can't link to them. But they are super cute, and comfortable! I've been wanting a pair of black sandals, and these were my favorite of all the black sandals I looked at. 

Flat Laser-Cut Thong Sandals from Charlotte Russe

These are so cute! On the website, they look like light blue, but are actually a mint green, just so you know. But I really love them and can't wait to wear them to school all the time! 

Glitter Braided Loop Thong Wedge Sandals from Charlotte Russe

These also sold out, unfortunately. But I like the coral color of them, because I wear a lot of turquoise, and the two colors go together like black and white! I also wanted a wedge sandal for school for when my pants are too long. They're a little big since their smallest size was 7.5 and I'm a 7, but it will be okay. 

I just wanted to share all the items I ordered with you all, and I hope you enjoyed this post! Also, I am working on my back to school series this weekend, and will be posting them throughout the next couple of weeks. Includes: how to look cute with a dress code, what's in my backpack, best places to get school clothes, morning routine, and night routine. I hope any of my viewers going to school like me will enjoy these. If you do not go to school, I'm sorry, but the normal things will be back in a couple of weeks. I would still like your feedback on my posts though! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Mckenzie xx

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

And a Pop of Red

Hey, it's finally the weekend! That's great, right? Once school starts I will be so craving weekends! I thought I would do another outfit post since I really like the outfit I wore today! 

There was this really nice tree across the street from my house and decided to take pictures with it, haha :)

I found this super cute lace Hollister top in my closet the other day, and I thought about using it for an outfit posts. Originally, I didn't intend on wearing it with my red Aeropostale high waisted shorts. I was going to wear it with a grey tank top and a black sweater with jeans, for a sophisticated look. But I wanted to add some color to the outfit, and make it a little more fun, while not toning down the sophistication too much. So I grabbed my red shorts because I really like the grey red combination. I added some yellow bracelets for a little more color. To give it a girly look I put on my HM flats, and a little crochet bow from Claire's in my hair. I also painted my nails this metallic grey color to match my shirt. 

Make sure to check out my last post if you haven't already!

Hope you enjoy the outfit, and I wish everyone a fabulous weekend!

Lace Shirt, Hollister | Grey tank top, Aeropostale | Shorts, Aeropostale | Sweater, Target | Flats, H&M | Bracelets, assorted places | Bow, Claire's

Mckenzie xx

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Weekly Wednesday Essentials: Black Purse

Since today’s Wednesday, it’s time for another Weekly Wednesday Essential! I will probably be doing this series until I run out of items to feature. But that probably won’t happen because as trends come and go there will be different staple items that you will need in your wardrobe if you want to stay trendy.

But this week’s WWE is the black purse. Have you ever been trying to find a purse to match your outfit? None of your many colorful purses match? All you need is a black purse, whether it’s small or big. I pretty much only use a black purse with all my outfits, because I don’t wear brown. It goes well with almost everything I wear, but I do have a couple of different purses for when I wear navy. (I’m not big on the navy black color combination.)

I have two different black purses, one that was a 13th birthday present from Zara, and another that was a Christmas present a couple of years ago. It’s been over a year since I’ve gotten both and they’re still intact and in good condition.

Purse that was a gift

Zara purse

And a black purse can work with any kind of outfit, from casual to evening out. Maybe for casual you grab a regular black purse, but for an evening out you can get your black sparkly clutch. Still, both black purses.
Sometimes I wish I had lots of different colored purses, but I find that my black purses work for me.

Do you have a black purse?

Mckenzie xx

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Monday, August 4, 2014

July Favorites 2014

Happy Monday everyone! Since a lot of people will do a blogpost on their favorite items and products from a certain month, I thought I would try it too! Also, it has been too rainy and cloudy and just plain icky outside to do outfit posts. Really starting to wonder why Florida is called the Sunshine State. 

Thank you for all the nice comments on my last post, by the way. 

But I would just like to share with you some of my favorite items that I've been using a lot. Includes beauty products, clothes and accessories. 

1. Blue Summer Dress

A couple of months ago, I picked up this dress at Aeropostale, because it was on sale for 20 something dollars, and it was normally around 40 something. I thought, woah, great deal, and super cute, I guess I have to try it on. The dress was literally calling my name. Both my friend and I tried it on, but I found I liked it better than she did. I'm so glad I picked it up. It's the perfect summer dress! It's light and comfy, and can be anywhere from casual to fancy, depending on how you dress it up. I kept trying to make an outfit post on this dress, but I was never able to. This dress I think is in the clearance section now, so it's still available. Next time I wear it, I'll do an outfit post on it so you can see it all dressed up with accessories! 

2. Black Reef Flip Flops

I have literally had these flip flops for now three summers, and they still fit. They are so comfy, and are my go to flip flops for certain casual outfits. You may have seen them in this post. But these are classic Reef flip flops, and I highly recommend you go buy yourselves a pair! They are high quality, and are a little expensive, like $30-40, but it is all worth it! I will probably get myself a new pair of these once they're finally worn out, or I grow out of them. 

3. Aerpostale Khaki Shorts

Lets just say that I freaking love these shorts. I had wanted a pair of khaki shorts for a long time, so when I went to the mall with my mom a few months ago and saw these, I just had to try them on. They are very comfy and fit so well! I wear them a lot, and are one of my go to pair of shorts. The best thing is how well they wash. Very durable, since I've washed them many, many times. If you don't have a pair of khaki shorts, I recommend you go pick yourself up a pair, where ever you get them. (they're probably cheaper at target or old navy to be perfectly honest) Also, these shorts were in one of my previous posts here. 

4. Wet Seal Statement Necklace 

I got this necklace at Wet Seal a few months ago, actually on the same day I got those khaki shorts. I wear it with so many outfits, because it's black and simple, and really makes a statement in a lot of the outfits I wear. I thought about wearing it with the outfit in my last post, but it didn't really work well with that particular outfit. I really love this necklace though. I really love statement pieces. You can see it another earlier post here.

5. Turquoise Sunglasses

These were actually a birthday present from my mom, so I really don't know where they're from. But I went on vacation to Key West almost a month ago, and sunglasses were my best friend there, so these were great to have. Also, almost all the clothes I own are that color, or go well with that color, so having them work out, because they match almost everything. 

6. XOXO LUV body spray

This was another birthday present from my best friend, and I think it's from Bealls. I use it a lot, I love the fresh, girly scent it gives off, and it's not too strong like the majority of perfumes that I have tried. 

7. Smash Box Lipgloss

I got a pack of five smashbox lipglosses last Christmas from a relative, but this one is my favorite out of the five. I love the brand so much! It's good quality, and it's not as sticky as lots of other lipglosses. No hair sticks to my lips, and if you wear lipgloss, you know about that bother. Also, you don't need much to get a good coat that's shiny and colored. It's a little expensive, but well worth the price! Seen in my post about the natural look here. 

8. Secret Clear Gel Deodorant 

I while back, I had a problem of white streaks on my dark clothing, which are a pain to get out! I saw this in the store whilst shopping, and decided to try it. So far, it has been a success. No more white marks on my black clothes! Definitely recommend trying this product. There are also many good smelling scents. 

9. L'oreal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara

Love this mascara! Use it almost every single time I use mascara! It lasts, and when I put it on it's very easy to get dark even coats on. It does clump if you don't wipe of excess off while taking it out, but that's not too much to do. I have been using it for awhile, and it works the best out of all my mascaras. Seen it my post about the natural look here. 

10. Eco Tools Make up Brush

This brush was part of a set of five make up brushes I got for my birthday. They're not very expensive, and this brushs works fantastic for my powder and blush! Good coverage! 

11. Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polish

This was another birthday present from one of my best friends, and it is literally my favorite shade of nail polish. You only need two coats for an opaque finish. But make sure to put some top coat on it, because it will chip after a couple of days. I use this color for my nails more than any other color.

Just wanted to share these products with you all, to kick off the week. Hopefully it gets less icky outside so I can start taking pictures for some outfit posts, because I have some super cute outfits I would like to share with you all! Have a great day everyone! 

Mckenzie xx

Friday, August 1, 2014

OOTD: Black and Turquoise

Happy Friday everyone! I didn't really have a creative name for this outfit, haha! Do any of you have some good ideas? But finally, another outfit post! I'm sorry if my eyes look weird in the pictures, I had to take them at literally the brightest time of day before going out, and it's too dark now to take more pictures. 

I did see a great movie though, Guardians of the Galaxy. I'm not the biggest fan of superhero movies, but my little sister and stepdad love them, so my mom, my stepdad, my little sister and me all went to see it, and while it did have serious moments like all superhero movies, it was really funny! 

I hope everyone had a good day today, and has an even better weekend. Since I am on summer break, everyday is like the weekend, but come school, I will be craving Fridays and weekends again. 

I really like this outfit, because I think it's a little different than what I normally wear, and I think it's a little more grown up. The shorts are more casual, but the heels and shirt give it some sophistication. Since the outfit was very simple and plain, I decided to dress it up with the statement necklace, which was actually a gift from my grandma. The bracelets are also another little added touch. (I've honestly had those bracelets forever, haha) The heels I'm wearing, you all probably recognize, if you've seen some of my previous posts. (here, here, and here)

Shirt | American Eagle, Shorts | Aeropostale, Shoes | Macy's, Blue Bracelet | Claire's, Black Bracelet | Justice, Necklace | Gift, Earrings | Claire's

Well that's today's OOTD. Have a great weekend everyone! 

Mckenzie xx