Saturday, September 20, 2014

Where to Find Inspiration For Your Blog and Videos

We have all had those days where we haven’t posted a new blog post or YouTube video in about a week or so, but we need to provide new content to our viewers. The main problem, though, is we have absolutely no idea what to write about! I have definitely had those days, and if you have, you know how horrible writer’s block is. 

There are many places and sources that I get inspiration from, and for all you who need some inspiration, I thought I would share where I get my inspiration from with you all.

1.       Other Blogs

To be perfectly honest, sometimes when I have lack of inspiration or ideas, I just go check out other blogs and look around on them a little bit to see if I can come up with some ideas based on their posts or do a post they did a little differently. I love to read all your blogs, see what kind of posts you post, what type of outfits you where, and things like that. If I see a blogpost on someone else’s blog, I might recreate it in my own way.

2.       Magazines

Magazines are always keeping up with the latest trends and fashion news, so maybe you can head over to your local bookstore and take a peek at the latest issues of Seventeen, Vogue, Teen Vogue, or any of those other fashion magazines. They have the latest in fashion news, so you could write about the newest trends, or share your opinion on the fashion from a certain awards show. The possibilities are endless! 

3.       YouTube Videos

You know where I have gotten a lot of inspiration lately? Watching YouTube videos. I’ll watch haul videos, outfit ideas, make up ideas, diys, all sorts of videos! These will give me ideas for new outfits, and different ways to recreate some of their ideas to make it my own. Sometimes I will watch little known YouTubers I find through Twitter, but my favorite famous YouTubers are definitely Bethany Mota, Ingrid Nilsen, Promise and Michelle Phan, and a few others. You should go check them out! Or use some hashtags on Twitter to find some starting out YouTubers, watch their videos, and tell them what you think. A nice comment on someone’s video will always make one’s day. Maybe you liked how they put together that certain outfit, or really liked that product they reviewed, or loved how their take on a certain fashion trend. 

4.       Fashion Websites

Websites such as,,, will always give the latest news on fashion trends, and you can actually sign up for subscriptions so you’re alerted every time there’s a new article! You don’t have to do this because it can really spam your inbox, but these sites are definitely worth a check out! There’s always new posts about fashion trends, so you can take information from their page to write your own articles about newest trends! 

5.       Other People

I go to the mall every so often, and one thing I love to do is see what other people at the mall are wearing. Most of the time nothing really catches my eye, but sometimes I see someone’s outfit, and I think “I love how they styled that skirt” or “I love how they put together that outfit!” But I just don’t do that at the mall. Anywhere I go, I look at what people wear, because one of the first things I notice about people is what they are wearing. And if I really like what someone is wearing, or how they styled something, I make a note of it. I think, I could make an outfit post with that new shirt I got, but I could style it like that because it would definitely look better like that. So you could go out, see what other people wear, and base an outfit on it, or put together your clothes in a way you didn’t think of before! 

6.   Social Media

There's hashtags for a reason! Go check out fashion hashtags on Instagram such as #fbloggers, #bbloggers, #ootd, #diy and things like that! Same on Twitter! You can discover tons of bloggers and see what kind of pictures they post, giving you a little preview of their style. This can help you come up with new outfit ideas, or maybe you'll see a preview of one of their posts. Pinterest and Polyvore are great too, because you can look through different diys, ootds, clothes in general and make up. On Polyvore you can make sets of outfits and make up, and look at other sets for inspiration. 

Now are you inspired? Suddenly got a ton of ideas swirling in your head and grabbing those fashion magazines? Going to take a look at YouTube or those websites? Hope you get some great inspiration!
I really hope this post helped anyone out who was having writer’s block, or just didn’t know what to blog about! Writing this post even inspired me to go check out those sources and think about new posts! 

Where do you get your inspiration?

Mckenzie xx


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  2. Really great tips!
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  3. I get my inspiration the same places as you! I especially like to get inspiration from Instagram and other blogs!

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  4. I know that feeling. Your tips are great. I do the same as you do. Good job :)
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  6. Thanks for sharing this post. I love the ideas and tips. I usually get my inspiration from magazines and other bloggers.

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  8. Thank you for the tips! Actually so never lack of inspiration, but of time to write!!
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  10. I love street style pics and some Youtubers. Youtubers I love to watch for beauty products. Blogs, too. Great article :)

  11. Social media is my favorite :D


  12. Lovely post dear ;)


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