Monday, November 10, 2014

Fabulous Fall Trends

Hey everyone, I’m back! I would make up a bunch of excuses for my absence, but reality is, I was busy and was a little bit too lazy to do anything when I had the time.

As we all know it is fall time, a wonderful time for me, because instead of 85 degree weather in Florida, it is now around 75 degrees! Now I don’t sweat right when I step outside. 

And of course with fall, comes new fall trends. Things like plaid, animal print, booties, sweaters and faux fur, but to be perfectly honest, I am not big on plaid, animal print or faux fur. I do love comfy sweaters and booties, although I personally do not own a pair of booties. But I have tried on some pairs of booties and absolutely loved them! 

We had a cold front the other day, so I definitely took advantage of it. It's now back to the 80's though. My favorite thing to do is wear a big sweater with either leggings or skinny jeans, and add flats to the outfit. If I had a pair of booties I would wear them, though. 

Some places I really recommend for looking for sweaters would definitely be American Eagle. I saw these super cute scoop neck sweaters there, and they had all sorts of colors, royal blue, turquoise, gray, black, burgundy, and many more. And right now, sweaters are currently 30% off, with an additional code at checkout for another 20% off. (and free shipping!!) I might just have to go get some of those for myself!

As of booties, I wouldn’t really know, but I saw the cutest pair at Rack Room for about fifty bucks! I didn’t have money on me at the time, which was sad, but I am planning on purchasing them soon. 

Just thought I would share with you all my favorite fall trends as of now. And here’s a couple of pictures of how I style my sweaters. This is a sweater I got from Aeropostale last year so it’s obviously not in stock anymore, but I accidentally got a medium instead of a small, however, I ended up liking how it was a little big. I just wore my black H&M flats and my Forever 21 black leggings along with it!

Have a great week, and a great Veteran’s Day tomorrow, for my American followers! 

-          Mckenzie xx 

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  1. Love this cute sweater Mckenzie. You too have a great Veterans Day today.

  2. I love the fall trend booties and I love the colors of your sweater!


  3. Cute outfit!
    Have an amazing day!


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