Saturday, November 29, 2014

How I Cleared Up My Skin!

While my skin has never been completely awful and broken out, there has been days where my skin could have been better. And obviously, I’m a teenager so my skin is going to break out because of hormones, which is completely out of my control. However, the type of products one uses, and how often they use them can definitely have an effect on how much acne someone has. 

If you wash your face too often, it dries up your face, therefore causing your oil glands to produce too much oil, and if you don’t wash it often enough, all that oil is just there, along with makeup and dirt, and it builds up over time. As most people do, I wash my face morning, and night. In the morning I’m usually getting ready for school or to go somewhere so sometimes I don’t have time to do a facial mask, and all that fancy stuff. But at night, when I do have time, I have a routine that consists of four products.

Just to let you all know, I’m using all Michael Todd True Organics products, and my mom gets them for me. This post is not sponsored, however. 

First, I start off with the Cleanse and Tone One Step Cleanser/Toner. This is really great for when I don’t have time for a toner, but I do still use a toner with this. I just put it on my face in a circular motion, and it’s probably the best face cleanser I have ever tried. It’s cleared up my skin so much already, just by using it alone, before I started regularly using toner and other stuff. You all should definitely try this out if you’re struggling with your acne. It’s a little expensive, but a little goes a long way, and it does wonders for your skin! 

After that, I use this Blue-Green Algae Antibacterial Toner on my skin, even though the cleanser technically “tones” along with cleaning it. This is probably their most popular toner, and I can see why after using it a couple of times. It’s not their best smelling product, but I still like it. And you don’t need too much of it, so I just put some on a little cotton pad that you would use for removing nail polish, and wipe it on my face. I don’t rub it in however, just wipe it. Then I let it dry. It tingles my face a little bit, but that goes away after a minute or so. I love this toner a lot, it tightens up my pores and reduces oil, but if I don’t use a moisturizer, however, it can be a little drying. 

Then, I use the Intensive Organic Eye Treatment, before my moisturizer. This is just like an eye cream that I put under my eyes, and it reduces the appearance of dark circles under my eyes, which is especially helpful in the mornings when I have to get up at 6 am for school. It takes away that tired look dark circles can give, and to help slow, possibly prevent, the process of under eye wrinkles. It’s really been working for me! 

Last, but certainly not least, I use the Moisture Light Non-OilyHydrating Lotion all over my face. This brings back moisture to my face and prevents my face from being too dry after the toner. And you only need a pea size amount to get your whole entire face! It’s not too greasy and oily unlike other moisturizers I have tried.

That is the regimen I have been using to clear up my skin. Admittedly, in the mornings all I use is the cleanser and moisturizer because of time limits, and sometimes I forget the moisturizer. But at night, I try to do this whole regimen, because it’s been improving my skin so much! 

Also, my last video on YouTube was about my skin care regimen, so here it is! If you have YouTube comment down below and maybe we could do sub for sub! 

Hope these products can work out for you if you possibly haven’t tried them yet! 

Mckenzie x

*all pictures from Michael Todd True Organics website, however, I did make the collage


  1. I have heard so many great things about these products. I need to see if I can find them in Germany.

    1. They are fantastic! You could probably order them online :)

  2. Great post! THanks for sharing!


  3. Great post, thx for sharing Mckanzie. Will check out your video later, honey.

  4. These seem great! Where can you get these? :o
    x The Caramel Cat

  5. Such a great review. I have never heard of this brand before :)
    Sensitive Epidermis | Rainbow


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