Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

As we all know, Thanksgiving is in just TWO days! I am really excited for all the food and to get together with family I don’t get to see as often! But there is always that one question that anyone who pays a lot of attention to their fashion will ask – what do I wear? And since it’s just two days away, obviously not much time to go looking all around, considering maybe you start preparations tomorrow, or you have work or school! 

Today I have three different Thanksgiving outfit inspirations that are all combinations of fall wardrobe staples that you most likely have in your wardrobe, so fear not, you will have a super cute outfit for Thanksgiving this year! 

Make sure to check all these sets out on my polyvore, I actually put together a collection there, and may add a couple of others to the set. 

Outfit #1 – Comfy and Cute

This outfit is perfect if you want to be comfy but still appropriate for a nicer setting, such as a nicer dinner with your family. Of course, plaid shirts are a fall must have, and this plaid shirt from American Eagle paired with your favorite skinny jeans is already super cute! But add in the flats to make the outfit a little girlier, along with this oversized cocoon cardigan that adds something to the outfit, and makes the plaid shirt pop. This outfit could be worn for any kind of Thanksgiving environment, unless you’re going to a place that is just really, really nice, obviously. 

Outfit #2 – Casual Outfit

If for Thanksgiving this year you’re just chilling with your closest friends or just a little bit of your family at your house, or somewhere not as nice, this outfit is perfect. It’s very casual and laidback but you can still look super cute while wearing it. The black leggings are super comfy and a great fall wardrobe staple. Some knee high brown boots look super cute over the leggings. Normally I’m not big on combining the colors black and brown in an outfit but since the shirt is blue and adds a pop of color to the outfit, it’s okay since the color is balancing out the neutrals. An infinity scarf pulls together the outfit nicely, and adds a nice touch to it, along with a little cross body bag to match the boots. Casual, but still perfect for Thanksgiving!

Outfit #3 – Fancy Thanksgiving Dinner

So you’re going out to a nice dinner for Thanksgiving with A LOT of your family, aren’t you? Well this is the outfit for you! You could refer to outfit #1, but if you want to be a little girlier, this outfit is the one for you. Okay, maybe most people don’t actually own a leather colored skirt, but if you just wear some skater style skirt, it will still look super cute for this outfit. A cream colored sweater against this burgundyish color is just a perfect fall combination, and the booties are just so cute and really make a statement. A super cute statement necklace, that has these leaves on it, is just so appropriate for fall and pulls the outfit together. 

Now do you have some outfit inspiration? Hope this post was able to help those few who have absolutely no idea what to wear for Thanksgiving! Hope you all who celebrate Thanksgiving have an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving, I know I’m going to have a great one with my family! 



  1. I love the fancy one! Super cute with that skirt :)

    Kisses, Kali
    | Kali's inspiration board |

  2. Lovely post. Nice photos.
    New outfit on my blog!!!



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