Sunday, January 25, 2015

Winter Florals

Today's outfit is really more of a spring outfit. It's definitely a spring outfit. Bright blue floral skirt? Spring. But I convinced myself that since it's blue, and blue makes me think of winter, that it could qualify as "winter florals." Besides, I added my super cute ankle booties that I got last Christmas. Let me just say, these are probably my new favorite shoes.

These pictures are going to be super great quality because I recently purchased a tripod and memory card for my mom's super nice digital camera! And I really liked how the pictures turned out.

But my best friend lent me this skirt from Rue 21, and I'm pretty sure it's from last year, and I checked their site; it's not available anymore. But it is super cute and I really love it with my denim jacket, and the booties. I wore a black tank top with it because I feel the other pieces make more of a statement, and it's better to go with the basics for on top. I added this new white necklace from Charlotte Russe that I purchased a few weeks ago when they were having a HUGE sale. 

I really like this outfit a lot, and I would definitely wear this going out with my friends, and I would wear it to school, but it's "not in dress code." It's very cute, and be either casual or a little fancier, depending on the level of dressiness of the pieces in the outfit.

 Denim Jacket: Aeropostale | Skirt: Rue21 (similar here) | Shoes: Macy's (here) | Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Hope you enjoy! Have a great day! 

~ Mckenzie xx

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bobbi Brown Corrector vs. NYX Dark Circle Concealer

Hello! Today I will be doing a comparison post of the much loved Bobbi Brown Corrector and the lesser known NYX Dark Circle Concealer. These two products were both intended for the same purpose: to correct dark circles. I do like both of these products, I do. But one of them I do like slightly better than the other. 

We have two different correctors here. One by Bobbi Brown, and another by NYX. Obviously, the Bobbi Brown is more expensive than the NYX one. The Bobbi Brown Corrector is about $25 and the NYX is $6. I did however get my Bobbi Brown Corrector for $17 at an overstock makeup store called the Cosmetics Company Store. I will be doing demonstrations of both of these concealers.

The photo is not that great of quality, but here are my eyes without any concealer or anything under them. (I am wearing mascara, by the way. It's Perversion by Urban Decay just in case you wanted to know)

I have a little bit of blueish purplish color under my eyes that are caused by the fact that I never seem to get enough sleep at night, which I am working on. 

Now here are my eyes with the corrector on. Bobbi Brown in Extra Light Bisque on the right, NYX in Fair on the left. 

As you can tell, both do correct the darkness quite nicely. You can even put it on your lids to correct the color of veins. It's a little harder to tell by the photo, but the side with the NYX concealer has more creasing than the side with the Bobbi Brown corrector. All concealers crease on me after a lifetime of squinting too much, however. But I am working on getting rid of them. 

 In order to apply this corrector, I used my Sonia Kashuk concealer brush and blended it out with my fingers. I really like the look it gives. 

Finally, to top it all off, I used my Mac Select Cover Up Concealer in NW15 to bring some light to under my eyes and act as sort of a highlight. Of course I set it with powder afterwards or else it would just wipe off within an hour.

Now that you all have seen how it actually works, I'll list the pros and cons of each product. 

  • Very wide shade selection (16 shades)
  • Doesn't crease
  • Has a little mirror
  • Nice and sleek packaging
  • Long lasting (about 8 hours) 
  • Corrects well
  • Nice long lasting texture (more of a waxy texture)
  •  A little much to pay for a small amount
  • Has less product than the NYX concealer

  • Very reasonable price
  • Good amount of product
  • Color corrects well
  • Lasts a pretty good amount of time
  • creamier texture makes it wipe off easier
  • less shade variation
  • creases more
The final verdict: for me, personally, the Bobbi Brown Corrector. The NYX concealer is still a great alternative, but considering how much products crease under my eyes I personally like the Bobbi Brown corrector more. But if you don't have as much creasing problems as I do I highly recommend the NYX corrector. I think it's a great product and does just as good of a job correcting as the Bobbi Brown corrector. But if your skin is very dark you won't be able to use the NYX concealer because there's only four shades. But both are very good products that I would recommend. 
 Do you know of any other great dark circle correctors? 
~ Mckenzie xx

*disclaimer: this post is not sponsored and I purchased all products mentioned in this post myself, or they were a gift.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

December 2014 Favorites

Hey everyone, it's been a while, but I'm back now. Today I have my December 2014 favorites, and I thought about doing 2014 favorites, but I wasn't really too into that. So these are just a few things I have been loving for the year 2014! 

I needed a new foundation brush, because I don't particularly like flat foundation brushes, so I saw this one and thought it would be good to try out. I like the finish it gives to foundation. 

I picked this up at Ulta as an alternative for the Bobbi Brown Corrector (which I now own because I found it at a discount cosmetics store) but I feel it works the exact same as the Bobbi Brown Corrector. I am working on a review along with a comparison of this product and the Bobbi Brown Corrector. 

This is a part of a four pack of lip glosses from the Heat Wave lip glosses, which were discontinued. But you can find them on Amazon. I just really liked this particular lip gloss, because the color was very natural, and had nice pigmentation. Also, it wasn't super sticky. 

Let me start off by saying that I LOVE this palette. So much. I picked it up shortly after Christmas, because I had been wanting it forever. The shades are beautiful, the pigmentation is wonderful. I have an in depth review planned along with a tutorial for a look I came up with using the palette. This palette deserves all the hype it gets, and now I really want to go purchase Naked and Naked 3. 

This primer is also amazing. Also worth the hype. My eye shadows are super pigmented when wearing this and they don't crease and last all day, even when I go to school. I really love it, to be honest. I may try the other primer potions, including the sin one, but I think I'll just end up repurchasing this when I run out of it. 

I needed a new powder a couple of months ago, because all drugstore powders are always too dark, even the lightest shade, and there's nothing you can do to fix a too dark powder. So I decided to finally dish out some money for a high end brand powder, and I turned to Mac because I love Mac. A makeup artist working there tried it on me and I fell in love. So I've been using it since, and I think it will last me for a long time. Will write an in depth review soon. 

With the temperatures dropping in Florida every so often, these shoes have been great, because I barely own any pairs of closed toe shoes because I live in Florida. But these go with everything and I like the look of them and they're also very comfortable. 

7. Forever 21 Bangles

Some of you may remember seeing this in my Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 Haul last August, and these bangles do not disappoint. I wear a lot of turquoise, coral and black so these go well with a lot of things I wear. They aren't available anymore I don't think but I still love them a lot! 

That is all for my favorites this month, and here is my YouTube video below that I posted talking about these favorites also, so please check it out and maybe subscribe!

Comment below some of your favorites from last year! 

~ Mckenzie xx