Sunday, September 13, 2015

How to Make Money...While Shopping!

If you know me, you know I am a serious shopaholic. Honestly, I'm just lucky I can't drive by myself yet because I haven't been shopping in forever. However, that doesn't limit from the wonderful place that is the Internet.

Shopping is great and all, but obviously, those clothes cost money. But there are certainly ways to make money while doing the thing you love. I have used these things, and I while it's obviously not nearly as much as you can make at your job, it certainly helps. 

The first way to make money while shopping is with this super cool app. It's called shopkick. You may have heard of it, you may not have. Basically, you can earn points called kicks, just by walking into stores, scanning items, or even using a credit/debit card to buy items.

Not all stores are on it, but if you walk into stores such as American Eagle, Target, or Old Navy, you can gain kicks. These kicks can then turn into money. It's not cold hard cash, but you can get Sephora, Target, Starbucks, American Eagle giftcards, or even bigger prizes such as cruises, purses, shoes, and so on! It's honestly an awesome app. I'm so close to a Sephora gift card currently! 

To use this app efficiently, you must take out your phone and open the app to gain the walk in kicks. I find myself forgetting to do this sometimes. Same with the scans. The scans require more work because you have to walk around and find the items. But the best thing to do is to connect your credit or debit card, because some stores (not all of them) give you kicks for purchases. That way, if your forget to open the app, at least you get kicks for buying stuff! 

If you would like to sign up for shopkick, you can sign up right here!

The second option is for all of you who online shop like I do. This site is called I really like this site actually. It's pretty much like Ebates. (another option you can use) You go to the site, look up the name of the website you want to buy something from, and click on it so it brings you to the site with the shopathome rewards. You can get special deals, and you can get cash back. Every time you purchase online through shopathome, you get a certain amount of cash back (usually around 2-7%) and that goes into your account. Once you reach $20, they send you a check! I haven't gotten nearly that far yet, but it's definitely a way to get money back from online shopping!

One final way, is to sell your clothes to a consignment shop. You may ask, how is that making money while shopping? Well, when you bring in your clothes to sell to a consignment shop, like say Plato's Closet, while they're evaluating the value of your clothes, you can shop around the place, and use some of the cash from your clothes towards your purchase! 

I hope these options help you out! Both Shopkick and Shopathome are very trustworthy programs, and Plato's Closet, and most consignment shops will definitely give you the money for your clothes that you deserve!

- Mckenzie
*I am not affiliated with any of these programs or places, I just like them a lot!