About Me

I have to tell you about myself. This is hard. I'm not sure what to say.

Let's start off by saying that my name is Mckenzie. I am a 15 year old from the United States, and I'm a high school sophomore.

I've never really thought about blogging, but my dad recommended it because of how much I love fashion and writing. It's a sort of personal outlet to put my time into. Most people my age aren't too into fashion and would rather have a few things in their closet they wear all the time, unlike me. I have so many things I barely wear, and I never get a chance to display it and show it off!

I have always loved fashion. Ever since I was about nine I would spend a lot of my money on clothes and put together outfits of all sorts. My style has evolved since then, but I still have the same broader style as I did back then, which is a girly and sophisticated style.

I also like giving advice on lifestyle. And lifestyle is a very broad topic so it could be anything from a morning routine to what to eat or what books to read.

And since I got into makeup around the time of January 2015, I have also loved to post about beauty, since it's another thing I really enjoy talking about and know a lot about. 

But I hope you enjoy my blog. I love all my followers and appreciate all comments and feedback!

~ Mckenzie xx

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