Where do you find cute clothes? While there are copious stores to shop at that appeal to all budgets, some stores just don't have clothes you want to wear. That's why I'll tell you great stores for a teenager to be shopping at for cute, fun, inexpensive clothes!

I am not one of those girls that is literally a walking Hollister or Abercrombie and Fitch model. Far from it, actually. Sticking to buying clothes at only one store doesn't really give you much variation on what you can wear. 

Some stores I would definitely recommend are: 

Nordstrom (juniors clothing has a huge selection!)
Target (women's section) 
H&M (the clothes aren't the most durable, but there's cute things there)
Old Navy (they always have a ton of cute, cheap swimsuits to choose from) 

Just so you know, these are stores from the US that I shop at. Some may not be accessible from another country, just so you know. If you have any questions on stores that are good to shop at in your country, just ask. 

Mckenzie xx

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